which will carefully observe the difference of true and false

fibers from the back, lights, make hair smell, non-hard pimples are leather: to make a pungent odor, got tangled in a leatherette. 2: How to identify the leather and synthetic leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather and textile budiji means or non-woven fabric base, respectively, with a polyurethane coating and is made of special foam handle, surface feel like genuine leather, breathable, abrasion resistance and cold resistance than leather. How to distinguish between them? Leather surface: leather of leather surface has himself special of natural pattern, leather surface nike free run 3 womens running shoes gloss natural, with hand by or pinch leather surface Shi, leather surface no died wrinkle or died folding, also no cracks; and leather of leather surface although like leather, but look pattern not natural, gloss seriously skin bright, color more for bright, with finger press leather surface, no obviously of pores

wrinkles, even press Hou has wrinkles, also does not obviously natural disappeared. Leather: leather soft resilient, and imitation leather products were soft, but the lack of toughness, when cold weather leather was stiff. When winding leather body with her hands, leather curved back into nature, good elasticity, while Qu-return of the stiff, leather-like, poor flexibility. Cut: cut of leather the same color, fibers are clearly visible and close. Incision of imitation leather real leather fibre, or visible at the bottom nike free run 5.0 running shoes of the fiber and resin, or seen from the cut end of the cloth and resin glued on two levels. Leather: leather's pores and smooth the front pattern, tails has obvious fiber bundles, is plush and smooth. Imitation leather surface pore-free, part synthetic leather sides, inside and outside surface gloss is good, very smooth; artificial leather is not the same as the front and back, can

clear base fabric leather; but some inside and out like leather, which also has leather-like fuzz, which will carefully observe the difference of true and false leather. 3: How to identify characteristics of a cowhide leather is leather surface pores smaller, round, close and evenly distributed, surface gloss, texture, rich, delicate, flat and smooth appearance, touch the texture is firm and elastic. If firm pressure on the leather, with tiny wrinkles. Yellow cowhide: pores smaller, round, close and evenly, straight into the pores, irregular arrangement, like stars. Leather surface plump, shiny, skin soft, delicate lines, sturdy, flexible. Buffalo: large pores than cow hide, tiny, cortex than relaxation, is often used as a sole. 4 how to identify characteristics of a sheepskin Sheepskin is grain and pores is Oblate, deep in the leather more tilted; pores clear, a few rows into one group, arranged like
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is equipped with elastic pads for enhanced shock absorption

innermost of the sole, also known as the elastic insets, is the ultimate bottom structure an integral part of the sneaker. Usually made of carbon fiber, glass fiber (flexible insoles are mainly used for mountain climbing series), whose main function is to withstand the spikes of the torque and the sole part of the pressure and force in liquid state, will produce a slight elastic at the end of, so as to ease the pressure in both directions up and down. The more lightweight hiking boots, insoles the toughness nike free runof the material as possible, can play the role of auxiliary damping. D.Outdoor shoes keel the keel system system is mainly applied to a light outdoor shoes. For example, series, series of hiking on foot. Garmont keel system gradually becomes light equipment of the original shoes technology highlights. Place among the outdoor shoes in the bottom of the keel sandwich, at least three

functions. First, enhance the integrity of the sole, could prevent the outsole and midsole deformation and, secondly, when reducing landing twist so as to reduce the chance of sprains, thirdly, fishbone designs shoes transverse strength, vertical flexibility, so that walking in the stable, lightweight and flexible. We know outdoor shoe sole principle of multilayer structures, we will understand why outdoor shoes different from ordinary shoe, why wear comfortable, can give your feet the best protection. Garmont nike flyknit lunar 2 womens is a classic outdoor shoe brands, in addition to the user-friendly design of the sole outside, we can see its insole designs are also different from ordinary outdoor shoes, is equipped with elastic pads for enhanced shock absorption, so when you wear outdoor shoes, soles of the feet have six layers of protection, this is no reason not to comfort in walking. 1: how to

identify the authenticity of the shoes in a variety of fabrics hand model: that is, touch the surface of the leather, if feel is smooth, soft, plump and resilient leather and artificial synthetic leather itching generally poorly, stiff, soft, fingers clicking near the upper edge of the sole, if it's leather,Minor wrinkles will appear. Finger snap back, wrinkles will disappear naturally. Synthetic leather, this behavior does not occur. See: real leather-leather, has a clear pores, pattern, cow hide more uniform fine pores, yak skin pores with coarse and sparse, goat skin is scaly skin pores. Leather and synthetic leather, the feature has no pores. "Fangyangpi" synthetic leather, such as no matter how like imitation, careful observation can also be seen traces of mold with pressure. Scent: smell of leather are leather and vinyl are stimulating strong plastic smell, no hair Coke smell when burned. Ignite: torn
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sole design for light tanks to enhance service life

system design concepts to make a concrete analysis of. Garmont outdoor boots is Italy famous brand GarmontDesign in outdoor shoes with soles of a distinct representation. Its sole system is usually divided into four layers, both the outsole, midsole, keel and inner bottom, each structure with different function, integrated functions of each part so you maximize the sole function of the play, its smooth, shock absorption, comfort, air jordan 4 retro uk anti-skid, shock effects are beyond each individual part of the role. For a different series of outdoor shoes, Garmont specifically targeted design, make them better suited to the unique topographical environment and sport mode. A.Large outdoor shoe soles are outdoor shoes at the end of the outermost usually choose Vibram rubber, guarantees of Super wear-resistant soles, which are necessary for outdoor shoes have a durable. In the forefoot part

most vulnerable to wear and sole design for light tanks to enhance service life of the sole. Outdoor shoe soles in addition to the functions of wear-resistant, and must also have the main function of slip resistance, in order to achieve the end of antiskid, sole with deep design pattern edges sharp, thereby enhancing adhesion to wet the ground; the second is hobnail design for wide intervals, nailed at an angle in the middle and make the soles less entrainment of mud and sand. Three is on before and after air jordan 6 retro uk Palm late lines do pressure spent processing, enhanced on smooth hard rock surface of friction; four is heightening followed by design is concave shaped arc, thus makes downhill and stop Shi has more strong of resistance; five is in climbing, and walking and some terrain, shoes of late lines is big triangle sparse lines arranged, can more convenient to caught prison rough of rock

surface, and using Vibram high viscosity rubber, makes soles on rock of adsorption force more strong; six is Garmont light shoes of big late, a modified whole ZHANG big late of structure, used in the late embedded nail of way, So as to reduce the weight of the shoe. GARMONT outsole sole masters of design, ensuring rugged, non-slip soles, brisk, impact a number of functions. B.Outdoor shoes at the end of the end of the main function is to address the shock of walking. But in order to achieve the best effect, and application of damping materials alone are not enough, must still pass a clever design. In order to achieve the perfect damping effect, Garmont series midsole features a micro-porous rubber or PU materials of different hardness, and consistent with foot insole made of shapes so that people walking pressure radial diffusion. C. outdoor shoe insoles means the end of the
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